About the Lab

The Baker Laboratory for Imaging, Informatics, and Continuous Assessment (ICON) is part of the Institute for Technology in Psychiatry at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

The ICON Lab’s primary focus is on longitudinal, observational studies of individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, using serial brain imaging and continuous assessment via smartphone and wearable sensors to understand brain and behavior changes that occur across the spectrum of psychotic illness and related conditions.

We also build and validate software solutions for clinical data processing. These tools leverage EHR, self-report, and sensor data to generate summary visualizations characterizing the individual symptom profiles of patients.

Take a look at our research page to learn more about our current projects.


November 2017

Save the date!  The ICON Lab and Institute for Technology in Psychiatry are organizing the Technology in Psychiatry Summit: Building a More Accessible Future.  The event will be held at the J.B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA on November 6-7, 2017.